Saturday, 19 June 2010


I am so stiff this morning!! The muscles in my neck refuse to move! and my shoulder has decided to play hell again, just in time for my osteopath appointment on Monday. I have been waiting absolutely ages for this appointment that my left arm started to get better. But obviously that wasn't going to last was it lol.

Today today today! I had a facial! wooooow, my face feels so soft! i am loving it. It's going to bring up loadsa spots thought, i can feel them creeping to the surface already! Whilst i was having a the facial i was talking to the girl who did it, and mentioned that i wanted to go into Museum education. She said "ooh i might be able to help you there". Apparently, whilst she was training to do what she does now, she worked full time in the national media museum in Bradford, which is in the same group as the natural history and the science museums in London. She worked as a HR person and is still friends with all the people who are involved in the recruitment process :D she is going to speak to her buddies on Monday and find out some information for me, just things like what qualifications i'd need and such. How awesome is she!!! :)

I went to Morrisons after my facial, and some bleeding kid, swinging around a basket, swung it straight in to my knee :( so my broken knee is probably going to be the topic of conversation in an upcoming post! I also put my insoles in the wrong feet this morning! hehe, so i had the raised bit on the outside of my foot and not under the arch. Stupid me, but i couldn't be arsed changing it, and not in the middle of Morrisons either.

It's bloody freezing today, so my hands and knuckles are refusing to move, which is making this typing business quite hard, i am going to have to put my wrist straps on :( i hate those things, but at least the keep my hands warm.

I am listening the The Pretty Reckless! i am loving these right now :D

I am gunna have to stop typing now and give my poor fingers a rest, and i really should be revising too :(

Thanks guys, Sam.

Friday, 18 June 2010

4 weeks of full time work down, a life time to go!

Now that i have got the intro and history covered, i am going to try and post daily or every two days about my day. It won't all be to do with HMS, it will be partially to do with my job, my social life (or lack of) and my home life.

So toooday! is Friday!! which means tomorrow is SATURDAY!! I am so glad i no longer have to work weekends!! I have been working full time for 4 weeks now (well 3, i worked a week, had a weeks half term and now i have just done 2 weeks).

My mum saw an ad in the paper for a science technician in a high school, i didn't exactly want to be a science tech, but in this day an age a job is a job, and one that isn't minimum wage is even better! So i applied, got an interview and got the job!! because i am that awesome :P The first week was hard and tiring, but i managed it just fine and i really enjoyed it!

now that i have done 2 consecutive weeks, my body is really starting to feel it. The fibromyalgia in my neck and shoulders is playing hell with me! It's really not a happy place between my shoulder blades right now!

I was totally zombied at work today, my body really did not want to get out of bed. But Andrew (acting senior tech) was out for a good few hours today so i found a job i could do sitting down. I fixed and calibrated the whole stock of Newton Metres :D that was very fun!! Then someone asked me what hair looked like under a microscope, so of course i got out a microscope and started pulling out my hair, and then other kind people passing by my desk gave me some of their hair. It was rather fun! But why stop there!!! I found microscope slides with alsorts of goodies on, so i got them out too.
But then my fingers went and ruined all my fun by becoming very sore and stiff... stupid fingers. So i went on to another task... organising boxes of staples into size order :P Then it was time to clear away a class room practical and then home tiiime!

(i know what you are thinking! and yes i do sometimes do a real work! i just did this whole weeks work by Tuesday and have had to find lots of little jobs to fill the hours of 8-4... I have been informed that this term is a slow term, and come September i wont get chance to sit down and express my OCD tendencies on boxes of stables, pens, post it and anything i find that isn't striaght and in colour/size order :P haha)

Nick, my best friend picked me up from work and brought me home, thank god! my hips and back were hurting so bad i don't actually think i'd of managed it home, i'd of found a comfortable patch of grass to curl up in LOL!!

I got home, and i have pretty much sat in my awesome rocking chair since. Revising for my retake exams and trying to avoid moving my neck and shoulders. My lower back feels like it is on fire and i keep getting shooting pain in my thighs.

It's 8.50pm now so i think i am going to peel myself out of this chair, attempt to do some of my exercises to loosen up my shoulders and then go to bed. I am having a facial done tomorrow, which should be fun if i manage to get of bed in the morning. hopefully my shoulders have calmed down after a bit of sleep.

Good night all and thanks for reading :D

A bit of my HMS history.

Hi all!

I thought today i'd tell you about my HMS history, because as the fellow HMS suffers will know it affects everyone differently, at different times in their lives.

I have always known i was flexible, up to about age 10 or so i did karate weekly, and i loved showing off my flexibility... everyone was so jealous of the lack of effort needed to do splits, and being able to kick so very high targets for a small child. On to high school i was as i like to put it myself a bit of a freak show. I PE i used to show off a little with my flexibility, obviously back then not thinking anything of it.

Until i was 16. My knee's went, and i was referred to physio. This was the first i heard i was hypermobile, whilst bending my knees and ankles around he said i was very hypermobile in those joints. But that was it, he diagnosed me with tendinitis and sent me on my way. nothing of HMS was mentioned again by any other doctors and of course i had no idea what that meant, i just knew it meant i was flexible which of course i already knew. My knee's got slightly better, but they are still a bit iffy some times.

When i was 19, i started going to the university gym. after only my second session on the treadmills i started getting back pains. I took paracetamol and they went away, but i daren't go to the gym again after that! Eventually after 3months of constant back pains i went to see my university doctor (Huddersfield). He diagnosed me with inflamation of the Sacroiliacs joints. Whilst seeing a consultant (not for HMS) i mentioned what the uni doctor had said and he seemed confused. Apparently you cannot be diagnosed with sacroilitus without an xray, which i had not had. So anyway i transfered back to my home doctors and just traveled back to see them. By this point the pain was so unbareable i sat in the doctors room and just cried my heart out before i even managed to say hello. The doctor immediatly sent me for an xray and referred me to physio. The Xray showed nothing, so i was sent for an MRI scan. mean while the pain was almost crippling, i missed 50% of my lectures, and the ones i went to i had to leave and go cry in the toilets because the pain sitting for so long was horrible. The xrays came back and the showed my L5-L3 disks were bulging and hitting my spinal cord. This physio referred me to a core stability course to try and strengthen me up.

I went to these classes, but really struggled with some of the exercises, especially ones involving my shoulders, and after i dislocated my left shoulder the physios decided to have a look at me. One of them said she had observed me doing exercises and asked if i had heard of a condition called Hypermobility and gave me a leaflet.

And that is where my journey with HMS started!!

One by one, each of my joints have decided to fail me. My hips and shoulders sublux daily, i have fibromyagia in my neck and shoulders. Inflamed nerves in shoulder due to repeated subluxing, i have lordosis of the spin (a front to back curve), i really struggle to hand write things because my fingers hurt so much, my elbows get stuck at about 120degrees and my feet are completely flat when i stand on them :( there is probably more to add to this list, but that'll do for now lol!

I really don't want to moan on about having this condition, and i don't want people out there to feel sorry for me. All i want is for people to have a general idea of the problems i have, and hopefully as i add to this blog, i will go into more detail about my little niggles and wobbles. :)

I hope i haven't bored you so far!

Thank for reading. Sam

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Hi guys, i'll be lucky to get one person reading this, and that person will probably know me.... but i'll still introduce myself.

I am Sam, i am 21 and i have recently started a job as a science technician in a high school. I am a geek, a massive geek... I love sharks, i love all fish, i love jellyfish and David Attenborough is my biggest idol! I watch films, and i read books, and that is about the extent of my social life.

Right! i would like to make it clear that the title of this blog "my invisible life" has no reference to me actually being, or feeling invisible... i am not an emo kid, i do not think the world see's straight though me etc.

I infact have multiple joint, muscle, tendon and ligament conditions that aren't fully understood. Especially by onlookers. So my invisible life is about the problems and struggles i have suffering from Hypermobility Joint Syndrome and it's related conditions.

The aim of this blog is not to make people feel sorry for me, because that is absolutely not what i want, i do not want sympathy, i want people to understand (including myself!) this condition i have. It's hopefully going to be my way of preventing myself from getting really down about this and to help myself come to terms with the limits this condition puts on my life.

I promise to try not make this blog depressing, I just want to document my wobbly joints, sore muscles and cracking ligaments :)

It's bed time now, so i will do my first real blog tomorrow :)

I hope i haven't bored you already!

Thanks! Sam xx