Monday, 11 October 2010

Amitryptaline + wake up alarms = one groggy cow

Sooo... This morning was the first early morning on my new dose. It sucked. I felt very groggy, very tired and extremely dehydrated. I drank the extremely disgusting rehydrate powder stuff. Vile stuff! Eugh >.<

When I eventually got to work I started feeling better, but still not quite with it.

I took this evenings dose about an hour ago. Its done nothing for the pain, my shoulders are in agony, the muscles around my shoulder are really sore, when I try pushing them back into their normal position I get a very sharp deep pain :( in-between my shoulder blades and neck is very stiff.

I guess I should get some sleep.

G'night all. X

Sunday, 10 October 2010

3 days and 27 pills later.

Sooo... I've now just taken my 3rd night of my new dose, and I don't feel too bad! I've been able to sleep in over the weekend, and wake up naturally, so I think that's helped massively with the grogginess. We'll see how I feel tomorrow with a 5:30 wake up call.

Pain wise, it's going well until about 6pm when the painkillers start to wear off. But then it's only 2 hours till the next dose so it's not too bad.

Symptoms, beside the slight grogginess, the last few days I have been extremely dehydrated. I can't stop drinking, and I actually think the more I drink the thirstier I get. I I've some hydration powder thingies, they tastes absolutely revolting, but I'll give them a go tomorrow.

Injury, I think whilst being so high on drugs, I have managed to injure my shoulder. I can't get my right shoulder into it's proper position where it's suppose to actually sit. My hand is numb, mum nipped my fingers and I couldn't feel it :( hopefully I get feeling back tomorrow otherwise I'll have to sling it up for work.

I'll write tomorrow ad let you know how the early morning is.

Night all, thanks for reading, Sam x