Saturday, 19 June 2010


I am so stiff this morning!! The muscles in my neck refuse to move! and my shoulder has decided to play hell again, just in time for my osteopath appointment on Monday. I have been waiting absolutely ages for this appointment that my left arm started to get better. But obviously that wasn't going to last was it lol.

Today today today! I had a facial! wooooow, my face feels so soft! i am loving it. It's going to bring up loadsa spots thought, i can feel them creeping to the surface already! Whilst i was having a the facial i was talking to the girl who did it, and mentioned that i wanted to go into Museum education. She said "ooh i might be able to help you there". Apparently, whilst she was training to do what she does now, she worked full time in the national media museum in Bradford, which is in the same group as the natural history and the science museums in London. She worked as a HR person and is still friends with all the people who are involved in the recruitment process :D she is going to speak to her buddies on Monday and find out some information for me, just things like what qualifications i'd need and such. How awesome is she!!! :)

I went to Morrisons after my facial, and some bleeding kid, swinging around a basket, swung it straight in to my knee :( so my broken knee is probably going to be the topic of conversation in an upcoming post! I also put my insoles in the wrong feet this morning! hehe, so i had the raised bit on the outside of my foot and not under the arch. Stupid me, but i couldn't be arsed changing it, and not in the middle of Morrisons either.

It's bloody freezing today, so my hands and knuckles are refusing to move, which is making this typing business quite hard, i am going to have to put my wrist straps on :( i hate those things, but at least the keep my hands warm.

I am listening the The Pretty Reckless! i am loving these right now :D

I am gunna have to stop typing now and give my poor fingers a rest, and i really should be revising too :(

Thanks guys, Sam.

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