Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Doctors, Disability and Dolls :)

Hi all. Today has been fun! I'll start with my title.


I had 2 doctors appointments today, whoop fun time!!! I had to have my contraceptive implant taken out and a new one put in. The implant is in my arm, just under the skin. She used a local anaesthetic and numbed the area, and then made a small cut with a scalpel and just slid it out. She then used the same little cut and just inserted the new one. It didn't really hurt, just felt a small nick. :)

Then i asked about my records, but she didn't have time, but she had another appointment in a few hours so i went to Brighouse, did a little shopping (bought NOTHING!) and then went back to the doctors. I needed to know the specialist i have seen regarding my hypermobility in the last year. Whilst sat there i saw a little that came with my MRI scan results and it said, "buldging discs (i knew that) and scoliosis" WHAT!!! SCOLIOSIS!!! No body has said a word to me about this!! I'd of thought that someone would have told me if i had an S shape spine!!! But for some reason it didn't click whilst i was in there that that's what i read so i didn't ask about it. So i am going to get hold of my records and have a good look to make sure.

So next is Disability

I have spent the remainder of my day filling in the bloody Disability allowance forms! OMG! it's bloody difficult that lol! That is why i needed my records as you have to tell them all the people you have seen for your disabilities. I am applying for disability in the hope to get help with walking. I am really struggling to walk far and i need to cling on to Nick most of the time. I do not need or actually want money, and i will not give up my job, but if you don't apply you don't get anything so it's worth it just in case they give me a blue badge for parking as that would make my life much easier. There is also a chance my Mum will be able to claim for carers allowance as she has to drive me lots of places cos i can't walk, and i am a little useless around the house. I can't do much house work or cooking as i just hurt every thing :(

And finally my third subject is Doll's

Those of you who know me, know i love tattoo's and have quite a few :). Now, i have thougt of this idea before and it just went in the pile of other past tattoo idea's. I want a Rag Doll tattoo!! Why you say? Because i bloody feel like one that's why! LoL. I feel like my body is falling apart, but a Rag Doll just stitches itself back together and carries on with it. And even though it's just a Doll it's kind of inspired me. My body can fall apart on all it wants, and you know what! I am sick of being down, i am sick of thinking about what a painfree day would feel like, I just want to stitch myself up and get on with my life as well as i can with my condidtion.
So yes... i want a Rag Doll tattoo, and i want it big! i am going to get it on the back of my calf i think. :D so i better get designing and saving :D

So there we have it, that's my what i have done today :D

Enjoy the rest of your day folks, Choi!

Sam x

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