Thursday, 29 July 2010

Camp Quest UK!

Hiii guys :)

I am well excited!! I thought about going on Camp America this year, and Mike Morgan said NOOOOOO! they are bible bashers! look at this camp. It was then that Mr Morgan introduced me to Camp Quest.

Camp Quest is an alternative to Christian camps. It teaches kids critical thinking. So anyway, i messaged Camp Quest offering my services, but unfortunately they were full of volunteers and didn't need anyone else. So anyway, i haven't really thought much about them until i get an email from the co-director of Camp Quest UK asking if i was still interested in helping out. I was like YEEEEEAH! well... cut a long story short.... I am now planning and setting up my very own Camp Quest here up North! How very terrifying is THAT! lol

So basically, there are already 3 CQ's, but they are all down south, and they have had quite a few requests for one up North. Stupidly they have come to me! :D

So i have spent today ringing around camp sites trying to find a place that may be willing to have us. I've found one place, i am just totting up prices now. So yeah! i am really really excited! If i manage this it will be AAAAWESOME! Hopefully i have a few friends interested, Hanna and hopefully Mike Morgan (anything is possible with Mr Morgan on your team!!) My sister is very clued up on camping and outdoor activities, so i have roped her into it. If there are anyone reading this that thinks you may be interested, check out the website, and contact me somehow! I am sure i will need more volunteers down the line!

I am really glad something like this has come up. As i said in my last blog i have started to get really down at the moment and my relationships with people are deteriorating. So this gives me something to take my mind off everything and really focus on something. This has actually given me something that makes my life feel less pointless and that has made me really happy :)

As for outdoor activities :/ i may have to stand and shout encouragements! lol

So yeah! check out the CQ website, and watch this space for a CQ coming to a campsite near you! (only if you live in the North of England though!) lol

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